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What is Adventure Camp?

Dog adventure camp is the best opportunity for your dog to be exactly what he or she is, a dog. Our campers run, jump, swim, sniff, explore, romp, play and learn, all while expending energy levels so upon returning home, the only thing left to do is snuggle and nap. 

It is our belief that exercise, socialization, proper play, and mental stimulation in a natural outdoor environment can transform a dog’s life, and consequently, your life as the owner. Everyday we see it happen in our pack. We work closely with our clients to help make positive changes in dogs energy levels, physical health, and state of mind. While we play we also work on recall, sit stay, down stay and impulse control. The alternative to Adventure Camp is of course a doggy daycare facility, in which case a dog may spend the day with 50 other dogs. In Unleashed K9 Adventure Camp, the smaller groups ensure more focused attention and healthier playgroups.



Pick-up & Drop-off

2-3 hours of active unleashed play on private and public land 

Off-leash recall practice 

Impulse control practice 



No matter the weather, we are out having fun!  Swimming, hiking or mountain biking, your dog is guaranteed to have a blast and arrive home ready for some rest and relaxation with you! After all, a tired dog is a happy dog, and happy dog is a happy owner!


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